Aeration fountains

Half HP Evolution Series

Create a beautiful water feature in shallow water.
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Perfect for ponds or dams, the small compact motor allows you to display a beautiful water feature in shallow and deep water.

Evolution Series Features

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Small compact motor
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Operates in shallow water
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Plugs into a 240v power outlet

Evolution series Size options

Half HP Evolution Aerator

Crystal clear water combined with a beautiful display. Aesthetically pleasing in smaller water bodies.
Suitable for:
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Water features
  • Aerates up to half an acre (2050m²)
  • Minimum operating depth: 55cm
  • Motor cord length: 15m, 38m or 53m
residential tornado fountain

What comes in the kit

aerator float
Fountain float
motor icon
Half HP motor with protective screen (240V, 10 amp, single-phase)
motor cord icon
Your choice of motor cord length
tornado nozzle icon
Tornado nozzle with 1.5m high x 3.7m wide spray pattern
mooring stakes icon
2 mooring stakes and 30m mooring rope

Optional LED fountain light kit

This simple to install kit lets you illuminate your fountain at night.
Give your pond, lake or dam a touch of beauty with LED lights.
High powered stainless steel LED lights. Choose from:
red LED lightsgreen LED lightsblue LED lights
RGB auto sequencing lighting kit (red, green, blue)
white LED lights
Stand-alone white


increases oxygen icon
Increases oxygen in water
reduce algae icon
Greatly reduces the likelyhood of algal blooms
fish health icon
Promotes good fish health
clear water icon
Keeps water clearer
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Aesthetically pleasing
healthy water icon
Improves overall health of water body
Aeration fountains

Half HP Evolution Series

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