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Surface aeration

surface aeration
Why do I need surface aeration?
With increased oxygen in the water, it reduces algal bloom infestations and helps keep the water clear.

How does it work?
The water droplets from the spray have a large surface area where oxygen is collected and transferred back into the water body. These water droplets are then mixed with the rest of the water where the transfer of oxygen takes place.

Where can I use it?
Surface aeration is better suited to smaller or shallower waterbodies.

Subsurface aeration

air pro aerator
Why do I need subsurface aeration?
This is designed for deeper bodies of water to increase oxygen levels and to prevent stratification by pushing air from the bottom of the pond through to the top of the water body. This ensures the whole water body is oxygenated which helps eliminate foul smells, excess weed & algae growth and poor clarity.

How does it work?
Over time water can develop. a clear divide between the water at the top which is rich in oxygen and the cooler water at the bottom which is oxygen deficient. This is known as thermal stratification. With the movement of large volumes of water, water bubbles are pushed from the bottom to the surface, where it comes into contact with the air and oxygen transfer occurs.

Where can I use it?
Subsurface aeration is better suited to deeper waterbodies.

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