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Air Pro Lake Bed Aerator

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The Air Pro Lake Bed Aerator is perfect for large deep ponds, dams or lakes.
Pond before aeration
before aeration
Ponds with no aeration would have toxic algae, no oxygen, noxious gases, limited fish habitat and high nutrient levels.
Pond after aeration
after aeration
Pond with aeration has oxygen present throughout the entire water body with no thermal layers, no noxious gases, low nutrient levels and no toxic algae, creating a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic life.

Air Pro Series Size Options

Lake Bed Aerator

Impressive underwater aeration. Perfect for deeper water bodies.
Suitable for:
dam icon
Working dams
deep water
Deep water
no display
No display required
  • Commercial and deep water bodies

What Comes In The Kit

Outdoor weather resistant cabinet
diffuser pods
Diffuser Pods (choose from 1-6 pods)
Standard 240V power cable
(your choice of single 1-3 pods or 
double 4-6 pods)
air tubing
Self-Weighted Air Tubing 
(38m, 50m, 100m, or 152m)
Compressor 1 Pod 2 Pods 3 Pods 4 Pods 5 Pods 6 Pods
Single compressor aerates: 3000m2 6000m2 9000m2 n/a n/a n/a
Twin compressor aerates: 3000m2 6000m2 9000m2 12000m2 15000m2 18000m2
Compressor Single motor aerates Twin motor aerates
1 Pod 3000m2 3000m2
2 Pods 6000m2 6000m2
3 Pods 9000m2 9000m2
4 Pods n/a 12000m2
5 Pods n/a 15000m2
6 Pods n/a 18000m2

Product Specifications

  • Powder Coated Aluminium Outdoor Enclosure
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • High-output cooling fan included
  • 61cm x 61cm x 8cm Polypropylene Equipment Base eliminating the need for a footing at site
Diffuser Pods
diffuser pods
  • Diffuser membranes are self-cleaning
  • Self-weighted bases – no need to add gravel or weights
  • Check valves incorporated to prevent backflow
  • Diffusers release air centimetres from the pond bottom while still preventing disruption of settled organics
  • Diffuser membranes feature thousands of minute holes to optimise smaller air bubbles, entraining more water and creating greater volumes of water movement
  • Half HP Dual Piston Oil Free Compressors (available as single 1-3 pods or twin 4-6 pods)
  • Quiet operation - Rated at less than 65 decibels
Self-Weighted Air Tubing
  • Self-weighted air tubings stays at the bottom
  • 3/8” ID Tubing


increases oxygen icon
Increases oxygen in water
reduce algae icon
Greatly reduces the likelyhood of algal blooms
fish health icon
Promotes good fish health
clear water icon
Keeps water clearer
healthy water icon
Improves overall health of water body
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Air Pro Lake Bed Aerator

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