• Tiara fountain
  • Trellis and sky geyser Fountain
  • Trillium fountain
  • Double Arch Fountain
  • super lily fountain
  • super jimmy fountain

Can I install the fountains myself?

Yes! Our Fountains are all DIY and we provide easy video footage with complete instructions here:

What size fountain should I choose?

If you do not require an aesthetic display fountain, then choosing a submerged aerator would be recommended.
If you require aeration down to 6m, then we also recommend a submerged aerator unit.
If you require an aesthetically beautiful display fountain, then you need to consider how high and wide you’d like it and weigh up the running costs of the various sizes.

If your water body is less than 1/2 an acre, we recommend the 1/2HP Fountains. These fountains operate in as much as 0.5 metres (20″) of water.


Vertical Assembly: Minimum Vertical Operating Depth: 1.1metres
Horizontal Assembly: Minimum Horizontal Operating Depth: 0.7 metres

The Titan Series operates in as little as 1.3m (37″) of water.

Why is entraining water so important?

*Entrain = to draw in and transport

So why is entraining water in Pond & Lake Bed Aeration so important? It all has to do with the mixing and blending of the water column.

Thermal stratification occurs in most ponds during the summer. Thermal stratification is the layering of warmer, oxygen rich water near the surface on top of cooler, oxygen deprived water towards the bottom. The transition between these layers is called the thermocline. The differences in water density at the thermocline prevents the water from mixing.

Aqua Control Diffused Aeration Systems pump air through the diffuser membranes. This air then makes its way to the pond surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles travel upward through the layers of thermal stratification they entrain water with them. This water is carried to the surface where it becomes naturally oxygenated, thus aerating the waterbody. By aerating and circulating from the pond bottom up, the toxic gasses previously trapped under the thermocline can escape, thereby providing a balanced habitat for aquatic life. The aeration also creates aerobic conditions near the pond bottom where microbial processes can naturally break down nutrients which would otherwise be used in the production of noxious aquatic weeds and algae.

What warranties do you offer?

We pride ourselves on our warranties and manufacturing to offer you the best in the industry.

2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
2-Year Extended Warranty Option

3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Diffusers feature a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Two Year Compressor Warranty
• AirPro™’s Powder Coated Aluminum Outdoor Enclosure features a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY against corrosion in fresh water applications
• AirEco™’s Fiberglass NEMA Type 3R Outdoor Enclosure features a 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• AnchorLine™ Self-Weighted Air Tubing features a 15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Lead-free construction

1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty*

What are the features & benefits of lake bed aeration?

Breaks up thermal stratification throughout the water column allowing the entire water column to be oxygenated and eliminating highs and lows in both temperature and oxygen levels.
• Increase the breakdown of aquatic waste by providing the habitat beneficial for aerobic bacteria to flourish.
• When operated continously in freezing climates, these pumps will keep open areas in the ice to allow toxic gases to escape and increases the oxygen level in the water.
• Prevents fish kills and allows wildlife access to water in freezing conditions.

AirPro™ & AirEco™ Aeration Systems
Aqua Control Lake Bed Aerators are designed to move large volumes of water from near the pond bottom to the surface where it spreads out in contact with the air and becomes
oxygenated. Water movement is created by millions of tiny air bubbles being emmited by the AirPod™ diffuser(s) that rise and move water with them.

What are your parts made of?

The Composite Pump Assembly has been introduced across many product lines: Select Series 2 Display Aerators, Endur Series Display Aerators, Niagara 2 Waterfall Pumps & Pond Bottom Circulators. This pump design was engineered with the goal of creating an economical pump with superior performance.
The use of high strength composite components in these pumps allows for components lighter than their metal predecessors and the ability for a more efficient design. The Propellers are lighter and better balanced, minimizing stress on the motor bearings. Composite Intermediate Flow Straighteners (IFS) allow for proper curvature of the vanes which maximizes pressure while increasing performance & efficiency.
The Outlet Fairing allows for streamlined flow and eliminates the need for a heavy metal flow straightener. These components, when paired with our light weight composite shrouds, make for a streamlined composite pump assembly that eliminates performance robbing turbulance.

How do I become a Distributor?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of our ‘Distributor’s’ page here

How can I obtain a copy of the 2HP Control Panel Diagram?

Please find the link to the Select series II, 2HP fountains below:

AT152v2.0-HR-2HP-Control Panel Diag