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Half HP Surface Mixer

Best aeration solution for shallow water.
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The Torrent Half HP Surface Mixer is perfect for working dams, waste water treatment, or where a display is not required. The small compact motor allows you to aerate in shallow water.

Torrent Series Features

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Small compact motor
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Operates in shallow water
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Plugs into a 240v power outlet
torrent aerator at night

Half HP Torrent series

Half HP Surface Mixer

Super powerful aeration. Perfect for working dams, waste water treatment plants or where a display is not required.
Suitable for:
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Working Dams
waste water
Waste Water
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No Display Required
  • Aerates up to half an acre (2050m²)
  • Minimum operating depth: 50cm
  • Motor cord length: 15m, 38m or 53m
torrent surface aerator

What comes in the kit

aerator float
Aerator float
motor icon
Half HP motor with protective screen (240V, 10 amp, single-phase)
motor cord icon
Your choice of motor cord length
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(0.3m height x 0.7m diameter)
mooring stakes icon
2 mooring stakes and 30m mooring rope


increases oxygen icon
Increases oxygen in water
reduce algae icon
Greatly reduces the likelyhood of algal blooms
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Minimal splash
clear water icon
Keeps water clearer
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Low evaporation
Aeration fountains

Half HP Surface Mixer

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