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Aeration Fountains Australia, Aquatic Technologies
Aeration Fountains Australia specialise in distributing and selling high quality aeration systems, including aeration fountains, subsurface aeration systems and surface mixers.

Our extensive range of aeration products are suitable for domestic dams, irrigation dams, industrial lagoons and council park lakes and everything in-between.

Our fountain range is both practical and beautiful.
All of our innovative fountain range, are designed primarily to provide aeration to dams and lakes, all while providing a beautiful visual display.
super lily spray pattern twisting
we are the fountain experts in Australia
Our entire range of energy efficient aeration systems are all quality made in the USA by a tier one manufacturer. Aeration Fountains Australia has been the exclusive Australian importer of this range of aeration fountains since 2011.

Our aeration systems are designed to help our clients obtain odour free, healthier and cleaner water quality.
Our latest 1Hp and 2HP Fusion range of aeration fountains leads the industry in innovation. The first to develop one spray nozzle that can provide 6 different spray patterns and the first to develop moving / twisting / dancing spray patterns in an aeration fountain, a feature normally only available in fountains three times the price.

Aeration Fountains Australia is the wholly owned subsidiary of Aquatic Site Maintenance Pty Ltd (ABN 78 105 824 164) which has been servicing and innovating the aquatic industry since 2003.

Aeration Fountains Australia’s factory is located in the Carrum Downs Industrial Estate at Aquatic Technologies 41 Yazaki Way, Carrum Downs Vic 3201.
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