Tiara fountain

Fountains Australia water features  – The Tiara.

The Tiara water fountain is a 3 tier pattern with a high, central stream that is surrounded by 8 reduced height arching streams which in turn are surrounded by 8 wide arching streams.

The Tiara displays a perfect spray pattern for any pond. Can be used as a water feature where vision needs a certain transparency through the cascades to view objects in the distance.

The benefits of installing the Half HP Aeration Fountain means high flow rates relative to horsepower increase the efficiency as opposed to other centrifugal pumping fountains.
The Aqua Control Evolution Series II 1/2 HP Aeration Fountain is ideal for aerating water bodies up to 1/2 an acre (2,050m2).

You may wish to purchase LED lighting for your fountain to illuminate it beautifully at night. Please view more info on our LED Lighting kit below.

We supply a wide range of water features and fountains for display or aeration for ponds, dams and lakes. Our fountains are easy DIY installation and we have a step by step video for ease of use here.