Scepter Display Fountain


*Photos for display purposes only.

The Scepter produces a heavy, opaque, mass of water high in the air to an attractive shape. This pattern is excellent for blocking the sight and sounds of highway traffic and industrial or commercial eyesores.

The NEW 2HP Aqua Control Select Series II Display Aerator Fountains offer the highest spray patterns of their type in the industry, with the lowest power consumption in it’s class. These long lasting, quality USA made display aerator fountains are composed of high strength composite materials which brilliantly combine beauty and functionality with increased efficiency. These high performance aerators have been re engineered to minimise stress on the motor, providing increased performance, robust reliability, maximum display output, all obtained with lower power consumption. The Aqua Control Select Series II Display Aerator Fountains combine high performance spray patterns for a spectacular visual display, while functionally aerating the water body with the highest levels of efficiency.

The NEW 2HP Aqua Control Select Series II Display Aerator Fountains have a wide range of spray patterns designed to fit various sized and shape water bodies. Whether you have a deep or shallow water body, there is a motor configuration that will suit your needs. The new 2HP Aqua Control Select Series II Display Aerator Fountains are Australian electrically compliant (Compliance certificate No: SGS/130231) for your safety. These highly efficient units are available in Plug ‘n’ Play kits for simple DIY installation, plugging directly into a standard 240volt, 10amp power point (GPO). Kits come with a standard control panel and fountain motor and water proof power cord in lengths of 35m, 55m or 75m. Efficient LED night lights easily attach so that you can enjoy your fountain 24 hrs a day.

You may wish to purchase LED lighting for your Scepter fountain to illuminate it beautifully at night. Please view more info on our LED Lighting kit below.

Fountains Australia supply a wide range of water features and fountains for display or aeration for ponds, dams and lakes. Our fountains are easy DIY installation and we have a step by step video for ease of use here.