Lake Bed Aerator – Air Pro

Lake Bed Aerators are designed to move large volumes of water from near the pond bottom to the surface where it spreads out in contact with the air and becomes oxygenated. Water movement is created by millions of tiny air bubbles being emitted by the diffuser(s) that rise and move water with them.

Lake Bed Aerator – Air Pro

The AirPro series can aerate any size of water body and is capable of running between 1 and 6 diffusers per system.

Lake bed aeration systems – the most efficient and cost effective way to aerate water bodies.

Our lake bed aeration systems provide a complete ready to install solution for waterways with low oxygen levels, sludge build up and temperature variances in the water
column (stratification).

Over time water ways can develop stratification which is a separation of the warmer top layer of water and the colder deeper layers. Whilst the top layer receives oxygen from the air and supports marine life the bottom layer loses oxygen through anaerobic breakdown of organic matter which can result in foul smells, fish kills, poor clarity, weed and algae growth.