Cascade Water Fountain

Cascade Fountain

The Cascade water fountain uses a specialised, pattern-specific upper tube that induces a greater flow than the pump produces. This creates a very heavy and attractive “pine tree” shape. The Cascade is not interchangeable.

Perfect for large scale projects requiring maximum visual impact, this high horse-powered water fountain creates a powerful, awe-inspiring display.

Fountains Australia’s Titan Series Fountains range are designed by Aqua Control from 7.5HP to 40HP for large scale projects requiring maximum visual impact for residential or commercial applications.

Features & Benefits:
• 17 Interchangeable Spray Patterns
• Can operate in as little as 37 inches (1,3m) of water
• Can be lit with up to 20 submersible lights
• Wheels (Horizontal only) & Lifting Slings included for ease of installation
• Easy Clean, High Strength Composite Suction Screen
• Horizontal, Vertical & Stationary Configurations Available
• Powder Coated Steel Control Panel Included
• 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty